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Accounting Department

Department functions:

  1. To form the accounting policy of the College;
  2. To organize and manage the accounting of the state budget, European Union funds, other funds available to the College and assets under management in accordance with the Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards and taking into account the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union;
  3. Use the state budget appropriations allocated to the College for the rational implementation of the programs and other transferred funds in accordance with the approved program estimates;
  4. To compile the College’s annual and interim financial statements and budget execution reports in accordance with the provisions of the Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards, in accordance with the procedure and terms established by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  5. To continuously improve the accounting system, using the latest means of information collection, processing and provision, to implement the full cost accounting of academic and other departments of the College;
  6. Participate in the projects of updating and improving the College’s quality management system, contribute to their implementation;
  7. To provide information to the College community and the public about the activities of the department and the results achieved.


Chief accountant
Gražina Andrikienė
Mobile: +370 616 73 863

Senior Accountant
Danutė Antanavičiūtė
Phone: +370 45 46 65 83

Gintarė Kaženiauskaitė
Phone: +370 45 46 65 83

Donata Gverždytė
Phone: +370 45 46 65 83

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