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Human Resources and Document Management Department

Department functions:

  1. Ensure orderly personnel administration in accordance with the description of the Personnel Management Procedure;
  2. Implement the College’s staffing legislation;
  3. Organize the necessary staff accounting and reporting, analyse the quantitative and qualitative composition of staff, staff turnover;
  4. Organize the development and implementation of staffing plans and programs to attract and retain staff with the required specialties and qualifications;
  5. To organize an annual performance review interview in accordance with the procedure established by the College;
  6. Implement the personnel policy and set its main directions in accordance with the development strategy of the College and the means of its implementation;
  7. Participate in the development of the College’s plans for human resource management;
  8. To ensure continuous improvement of the College’s personnel management processes by implementing social, economic and psychological management methods, advanced staffing technologies, creating and maintaining a personnel database, and standardizing and unifying personnel documentation;
  9. Organize document management at all levels of the College structure according to the Description of Document and Records Management Procedure;
  10. To ensure timely and high-quality organizational process of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  11. Prepare orders for the College’s activities, staff vacation, business trips;
  12. Prepare and timely update information identifying the College.


Head of Human Resources and Document Management Department
Ramūnė Švėgždienė
Phone: +370 45 46 03 24

Occupational Safety and Health Specialist – Human Resources Specialist
Ramunė Kopūstaitė
Phone: +370 45 46 03 24

Daiva Balčiūnienė
Phone: +370 45 46 03 22

Raimonda Balčiūnienė
Phone: +370 45 46 53 35

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