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Information systems

(state code – 653E15003)

Qualification to be awarded
Professional bachelor in Information systems engineering
Scope of the study programme in credits
Objective(s) of a study programme:
To train professionals of information systems engineering being able to analyze the information needs of companies and organizations, plan, design, program, implement and maintain information systems, applied programs and mobile applications

Learning outcomes
1. To attain the knowledge of general laws of nature and mathematics science required for understanding the fundamentals of informatics engineering
2. To attain the knowledge of algorithms and their analysis, programming techniques and methods, and software system development processes
3. Ability to find and process the necessary professional information using databases and other scientific and engineering information sources
4. Ability to apply various research methods to solve problems in informatics engineering, process the outcomes and present practical conclusions
5. Ability to carry out the analysis of enterprise and organization objectives and needs, specify requirements for information systems, applied programs, development of mobile applications and modernization
6. Ability to design different scope and purpose software systems
7. Ability to program, test, modernize information systems, applied programs and mobile applications
8. Ability to install, adjust and maintain software systems of different scope and purpose, administer computer networks and servers
9. Ability to plan, manage the projects of software development, installation and modernization, evaluate the software compliance with modern requirements
10. Ability to solve informatics engineering problems individually or in a team and present their solutions to a wide audience in writing and orally in the correct Lithuanian language and at least one foreign language
11. Ability to attain the necessary learning and practical skills to continue studies and develop professionally.

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