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Our University Continues to Take Important Steps in the Unit of International Relations


Within the scope of the Erasmus Personnel Mobility, Reda Jonušauskiene, Rasa Glinskiene, Dalia Urboniene who are the faculty members and lecturers of the “Panevezys University of Applied Sciences” in the city of Panevezys, Lithuania visited Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç in his office. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Şefket Metin Kara and The Coordinator of International Relations Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Şermin Tağ Kalafatoğlu accompanied the lecturers during their visit.

 On 24-26th of October, 2017, from lecturers visiting the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts and Education, lecturer Dalia Urboniene presented “Global World, Europe and its Multicultural Society”, Dr. Rasa Glinskiene made presentation about “Youth Entrepreneurship in Lithuania”, and lecturer Reda Jonusauskiene gave a speech about “Realities and Prospects of Preschool Education in Lithuania “. After the seminar, guest lecturers who answered the questions of the students and the instructors stated that they were satisfied with the interest shown and the city of Ordu.

Panevezys University of Applied Sciences from which the lecturers came to present their topics established by the resolution of the Government of Lithuanian Republic in August 30, 2002. The university has over 50 Erasmus bilateral agreements with universities and companies. In this university, there are 3 centres: Centre of studies, carrier and students occupation; Information technology centre and Practical training centre. There are general departments such as: Department of applied researches and non-formal education; Department of international relations, marketing and projects; Economy management and welfare department; Department of human resources and documents management; Department of accountancy. The purpose of these departments is to ensure the optimal conditions to execute studies. The University library provides good facilities and services such as: the online and silent reading rooms. The University structure is favourable for the study process and scientific applied activities, the functions among the departments are properly apportioned, the foreseen cooperation channels function as well.


Lecturers who visited Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç in his office mentioned their satisfaction with the cultural diversity experienced in this visit and the contributions that would make both to the students and the university.

Rector Yarılgaç says, “The visits made by the personnel within the Erasmus program at our university are very beneficial both in terms of scientific cooperation and intercultural interaction. In this context, the personnel who visit our university can find opportunities to get to know our country more closely, and also the sharing and amalgamation between cultures can be achieved. In the sense of professional education, we must always keep the bar high and use all our possibilities on the basis of national and international business union. As long as we carry out studies in this direction, we can have the ability to serve the same standards as all other universities that educate in the world. Such exchange programs provide a significant contribution to the scientific work of our students and academics, especially our universities, and the development of institutions. “

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