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About us


Modern, socially responsible institution that promotes student entrepreneurship and supports sustainable and stable development as an institution of higher education and studies – the centre of applied sciences in the region.


To carry out higher education studies based on scientific knowledge and practical skills, providing students with modern competencies that have added value in the smart society. We focus the region’s potential on the implementation of the lifelong learning principles and the development of scientific applied activities.

Goals of activity


We are professional – We contribute to Panevėžio kolegija / State Higher Education Institution (hereinafter – the institution) objectives through continuous improvement by developing professional specialists, performing work efficiently and competently, and taking responsibility for our work and the decisions we make.

We are reliable
– Our actions match our promises. We work and make decisions transparently. We have clear objectives and do our best to meet them in order to secure the trust of employers.

We’re for self-realisation – We see it as the path to success. We are open to innovation, we create the potential for students to excel through personal growth and hard work, and we contribute to the sustainable growth of the institution through modern studies and applied research.

We are community-based – Working together as a united team, we create a supportive working atmosphere based on mutual understanding, collaborate closely through creativity, and share knowledge, experience and information with colleagues, students, and partners.

We are tolerant – The institution respects and values everyone’s individuality and opinions. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of communication.


Potential employers: