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In the Faculty of Social Sciences this semester Internnational business student by Erasmus+ programme Tarik Can Bedir finished his practice in „IOCO Packaging“ company. In the company student‘s mentor was marketing manager Drąsutė Burbienė. The head of Practical Training  Sandra Šniokaitė – Šilaikienė asked some questions about practice process after practice. Student and mentor answers and opinions about practice:

Mentor: Drąsutė Burbienė.

  1. Tell us about The International business student internship in your company?

Business is by nature an international field, and an internship abroad is one of the best ways to learn how businesses function around the world today. The International business student Tarık Bedir had good experience in our company that allowed him to apply a little bit classroom knowledge and use some soft skills as cross-cultural communication, integrity and networking abilities. Communication in our company requires sensitivity, respect, and diplomacy.  It also requires an open mind and, often, a little bit of research. In my opinion, student Tarık Bedir  had good opportunity to learn, understand, and appreciate cultural differences and nuances when it comes to communication. Hope, he’ve got good knowledge how business function in Lithuania.

  1. Did the practice conform to your expectations?

Each person has something of value to contribute to the group. Tarık Bedir showed that he has the ability to work well with others, this could have a major impact on his career.

 I look at this practice as not only a new experience but a great opportunity to discover what motivates the International business student take business practice in Lithuania.

  1. What good experiences have you received as a mentor?

Being a Mentor is very important role and I got more out of the relationship than I thought.  My role focuses on mentoring as a relationship rather than a role with a set of preconceived duties. The journey involved the building of an equal relationship characterized by trust, the sharing of expertise, moral support, reliability and knowing when to help and when to sit back.

Mentoring gave me an extraordinary opportunity to share the knowledge I learned through years of experience.

I thank the team of faculty of Social Sciences of Paevėžio kolegija/University of Applied Sciences for considering me and giving me an opportunity to perform this role.

Student: Tarik.

  1. What did you liked the most  in The International Business programme practice organized by Panevėžio Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, explain why?

I liked most the people’s interest because my teachers an my manager were very kind and good at me.

  1. Why this practice was useful for you?

This practice was for me because ı have met one women who is a manager of sales department and she was very wise person ı learned so many things from him that is why it was useful.

  1. Describe company atmosphere, how did you feel in UAB “IOCO Packaging” company?

The atmospher in the company was perfect they were very friendly even their boss was very kind he even offered me a job after ı finished my school.

  1. Did the practice conform to your expectations?

Yes it did. I got many experience from that practice.

  1. What kind of skills did you gain which you can use in future?

I gained body language and how to act front of a strange person and ı think this is very important because even you don’t have anythings you can sale your selves with your attitude.

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