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International Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project no. 2020-1-TR01-KA202-093467 “POWERUP MYHOUSE: development of innovative learning and practice modules to increase the usage of renewable energies for sustainable buildings” started at Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences. 3th of March, 2021 invited to the first international meeting of the project partners’ countries.
In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting took place remotely. However, this did not prevent partners from different countries to get to know each other, share project experience, and present their own organizations.
The meeting was attended by representatives from five countries: Turkey, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal and Denmark. During the meeting, the project content, activities, intellectual products, and results were presented and discussed. The rules of project management were also introduced, the main deadlines for the execution of works were provided, activities were divided, responsibilities and other important issues of project administration were provided.
The project aims to investigate the PV/T from all sides. The best technological applications, manufacturing, installation, measures, calculations, legislation, incentives, supports, qualifications, experiments, and vocational education related with PV/T is the subject of the project. All these will be resulted in the project as:
– PVT Technologies Research aims to present the latest researches done in and out of EU related with PV/T technologies. The examples, experiments, products, researches are the topic of this report.
– Legal face of PV/T aims to present legal arrangements on PV/T done in well-developed countries such as legislation and incentives.
– Guidebook: The project would like to test PV/T system on a sample building with different design and climate conditions for nearly one year. The experiment will strengthen the scientific knowledge in the subject and the results will be shared with the researchers, scientists, training institutions and labor market.
– Learning module on PV/T is totally innovative for the vocational training students in renewable energy. The labor market is needed to have qualified staff which could respond the sectoral developments. The training module will increase the knowledge and skills of the vocational training students and their teachers.
Another activities of the project are short-term joint staff trainings. The scientists, lecturers, teachers and trainers will come together in Sweden and Denmark and will get a training related with PV/T technology. The results of the activities will strengthen the quality and content of the outputs and besides, will increase the knowledge and skills on the subject. The project also aims to increase the awareness and knowledge about renewable energy and PV/T on public and stakeholders. In parallel of this aim; four multiplier events will be organized in Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal. The decision/policy makers, labor market, NGOs, training organizations, universities and R&D departments will be invited to these events.
We are pleased with the international development of Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences, the beginning of successful cooperation with new partners, and we believe in the added value of the project.

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