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Virtual reality has been a thing since the 1960s, but it hasn’t really taken off until recently in terms of accessibility and usage. Virtual reality has the ability to fundamentally alter the way we communicate, study, and have fun. Its advancement is likely to continue in the future.

Overall, virtual reality has the power to transform education by giving students exciting and dynamic learning opportunities that can aid in the growth of new abilities, information, and a greater understanding of their surroundings.

The multinational consortium attempts to accomplish the goal through the “Digitalisation of Experiential Learning and WBL – Deal with Digital Work-Based Learning” project, concentrating particularly on the digital work based practices. The Flexsim software products, Inc. team met on February 28th with PANKO project working group and project members in 4th Project workshop.

Krystian Kogut, International Sales Director for InterMarium Sp. z o.o., and his team from Flexsim software products, Inc. (USA, Utah), presented the 3D simulation software capabilities to the Panevezys State Higher Education Institution community. According to what was discovered, the simulator can give students hands-on learning opportunities that would be challenging or impossible to recreate in real life, as well as simulate medical procedures like dissections and surgery. This can offer students the ability to develop their talents and earn experience without running the danger of negative outcomes in the real world.

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