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A recent Learning Teaching and Training (LTT) event held in March in Karlsruhe, Germany, brought together teachers, trainers and professionals to share insights the best practices in digital work-based learning (WBL). The event, that took place within the Erasmus+ project “DIGITAL WBL,” included micro-workshops and World Café sessions focused on developing competence in digital WBL.

At the micro-workshops, attendees discussed specific topics related to digital WBL, such as the use of chatbots in higher education, the potential of artificial intelligence, and the use of digital portfolio tools to promote competence development and integration of theory and practice. The World Café session helped to explore the competence needs for designing and providing good digital WBL experiences, the challenges and potentials of digital WBL, and the support needed to design and provide good digital WBL experiences, as well as the desired outcomes of an online course aimed at supporting teachers and trainers in this area.

As it emerged from the LTT, the future of Digital WBL is promising, as the demand for digital skills continues to grow in the modern workplace. As more industries adopt digital technologies, there will be an increased need for workers who are proficient in using these tools. However, there are several challenges related to teachers in the context of digital WBL, such as:

Overall, the LTT event in Karlsruhe was a productive and informative gathering that provided valuable insights into the world of digital work-based learning. Attendees left with a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of this growing field, as well as practical tools and strategies to apply in their own work.

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