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These are the keywords of the Transnational Project Meeting held in Karlsruhe on 13 and 14 March 2023.

It was an important step in our project, which involved all the Partners both in discussions concerning the state of the art and the development of the multimedia platform and in workshops with experts from international networks and discussion tables to analyze the activities carried out.

The importance of a face-to-face meeting allowed us not only to deepen the topics already covered but to enrich them with personal experiences from all over Europe.

The attention in the preparation of the event by all the staff of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe was careful and well structured, allowing all the participants to interact, amplifying knowledge and therefore mutual trust, and to intervene actively in the process, generating a workflow of ideas and suggestions to be integrated into the project.

During the day on Monday, after a brief moment of greetings, we considered the developments of the project and the results of the dissemination work carried out by the partners, we then focused on the evaluation of the intermediate results, trying to find useful ideas for the future.

Then, to clearly design the blueprint, we researched what could be the structure of necessary skills and then the index of digital contents, discussed later together with the project skills.

On the second day, we discussed the merits of the multimedia platform by sharing ideas and opinions on the creation of the digital material to be included, a very heated discussion that brought to light the potential and solutions of this part of the project which will be further explored in a forthcoming meeting.

Before closing the meeting, we outlined the next progress steps and checked the administrative procedures.

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