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Lecturer’s impression of experience in Budapest


“Once in a while, it is very healthy not only to change the environment for your vacation, but also to fly abroad for work. Therefore, I am very happy with the opportunity provided by Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution to carry out a secondment in Hungary, Budapest, at Dennis Gabor University under the Erasmus+ program. I will briefly share my impression of experience in Budapest.

First of all, I am very happy that my colleagues at Dennis Gabor University were waiting me to come from Lithuania, because they were really interested in what new or different I would tell not only to them, but to the students as well. This is a small university in a huge city, so they try hard to attract not only students, but also colleagues from abroad. After all, they fully understand that cooperation on a global scale is the greatest force to improve as an institution and to prepare its students as real specialists.

Secondly, this city is special in terms of its views and culture: huge buildings that have remained after the war or are still being restored; unique bridges that are built over the famous Danube River; bigger or smaller hills in the city itself and mountains near it; public transport infrastructure is highly developed, so there are practically no traffic jams; it is interesting that not only car drivers stop there at a red traffic light, but also cyclists, who have their own separate traffic lane; there are many mini parks in the city; the locals are nice, helpful and most of them speak English; etc.

And finally, I really recommend visiting this city for students, lecturers or those who have not been here, because at every step you can see something unique and magnificent.”

Toma Naumčiuk

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