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On October, 2023, main project “„Digitalisation of Experiential Learning and WBL – Deal With Digital Work-Based Learning” partners and all Consourtium members participated in an online event titled “Blueprint for boosting the VET trainers’ skills in the Digital work-based learning” as part of Erasmus Days 2023. The gathering served as a stimulating forum for in-depth conversations and vigorous debates between Ambassadors and Experts who specialize in digital technologies for work-based learning. This discussion’s main goal was to clarify the educational approaches and techniques that govern the use of cutting-edge tools like AR and VR in the field of experiential learning. The emphasis goes far beyond simple technological implementation; it delves deeply into the instructional concepts and practices. The participants hope to highlight the most advantageous and creative ways to utilize these tools in order to improve vocational education and training (VET). The fundamental objectives of the leading specialists in digital work-based learning (Jussi Kajander, Finland; Helene Bo Olsen, Denmark, and others) were to share and communicate the important priorities crucial for developing the capabilities of VET educators. The critical analysis of enabling conditions was also a major topic of discussion. These conditions cover a range of elements, including networks of cooperation, policies, and infrastructure. The success of VET depends on establishing the appropriate environment for the development, delivery, and assessment of blended “digital and experiential” learning events. It entails adjusting educational systems to meet the needs of the digital age and figuring out how to get around any difficulties that could come up.

The outcomes of these in-depth discussions will be painstakingly recorded and then included in the upcoming Blueprints report of the Digital Work-Based Learning (WBL) project. This research is ready to act as a road map, providing insightful analysis and suggestions for educational institutions, decision-makers, and other stakeholders hoping to embrace and support the ground-breaking fusion of digital technology and experiential learning. In the end, the Ambassadors and Experts’ work in this online gathering will greatly enhance work-based learning in the digital age and give VET educators the tools they need to help students succeed in a fast-changing professional environment.

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