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Lectures about the challenges of intercultural management


According to the Erasmus+ program, Sintija Bruže and   Ērika Lauberga-Sleže   international relations employees of the Liepaja Academy of the Riga Technical University visited the Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution. During the visit, students of international business and accounting study programs had the opportunity to participate in Ērika Lauberga-Sleže   lectures, during which not only the challenges of intercultural management were discussed, but also the topics of intercultural communication and competences. Intercultural management plays an increasingly important role in international business, so these topics are extremely relevant: intercultural mistakes cause a number of problems – financial losses, misunderstandings, conflicts. For these reasons, culture and cultural differences in management styles are analyzed in international management studies and discussed in organizations. The teacher also told the students about her university and introduced the city of Liepaja, which in 2027 will become the European capital of culture. Sintija Bruže met with Kristina Buikaite, Coordinator of International Studies, to discuss the issues of admission of foreign students.

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