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Advancing Innovation in Work-Based Learning: Digital WBL Project Meeting in Reggio Emilia


On March 26th and 27th, CIS – Business Management School hosted the fourth Technical Project Meeting of the Digital WBL Project. This meeting had key partners and stakeholders actively involved, further setting the direction for innovation in work-based learning (WBL).

The meeting provided an opportunity for participants to share the progress made thus far in the Digital WBL project. In particular, partners discussed strategies for implementing the training course, developed by the whole Consortium, that equips teachers and trainers with the necessary digital competences to effectively guide students through the rapidly evolving world of technology.

The training course, which will be released in the following weeks, is composed of several modules that aim at fostering effective learning and teaching within digital professional settings. These encompass Cooperative Learning Design and Implementation, Resources Creation and Curation, Workplace Teaching, Collaboration and Networking, Technical Tools and Resources, and Teaching and Learning Reflection.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for stakeholders to share meaningful experiences and testimonials. Vincenzo Vitiello and Ciro Ciaccio from Noesi s.r.l. offered insightful reflections on the concrete experience of navigating digital innovation in work-based learning environments through metaverse, artificial intelligence and simulation tools. These powerful tools have the potential to revolutionize professional and technical training, particularly in hazardous environments, by providing immersive and realistic learning experiences.

Anne Bamford, former Director of Education, Culture and Skills of the City of London, delivered a compelling testimonial on digital innovation in education. Bamford emphasized the critical challenge facing education over the next decade: ensuring an adequate supply of the skills required. She stressed that the appropriate quantity and type of skills will need to come from both our existing workforce and the individuals entering the workforce in the next decade. This observant perspective shed light on the importance of preparing the workforce for the digital age and the collaborative role of education and companies in addressing this challenge.

The Digital WBL Project is now in an even stronger position to fulfill its mission of promoting innovation and excellence in work-based learning. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting journey towards the future of digital education and training!

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