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List of Social Partners

List of Social Partners:

Dolomitas, road construction, production of construction materials;
Lėvuo, prekybos tinklas: clothes, household items;
Lietkabelis, production of wires and wire braids;
Linas Agro, international trade in agricultural products, supply of goods for agricultural production, processing of agricultural products;
Panevėžio butų ūkis, administration, maintenance and repair of multi-apartment residential buildings, common use objects;
Panevėžio keliai, construction of roads, railways, buildings;
Panevėžio special motor transport provides solid, liquid and hazardous waste collection services, territory cleaning services;
Panevėžio statybos trestas, universal design, construction and project management services;
Panevėžio stiklas, production of glass containers, glass products;
SEB bankas. Panevėžys Financial Services Center, all banking services: bank, deposits, loans, credits, leasing, currency exchange;
Šiaulių bankas Panevėžys branch, all banking services, bank, deposits, loans, credits, leasing, currency exchange;
Biržai District Municipality Administration, provides high-quality administrative and public services to the residents of Biržai District;
Lawyer Arvydas Penelis, legal services;
Lawyer A. Alekna’s office, legal services;
A. Vološkevičius individual company “Regama”, artists’ supplies, trade, framing services;
Darius Gaudiešius individual company, household appliances – trade, computers, hardware and software – trade and service, audio and video equipment – trade, real estate offices and agencies;
Beauty house “Bellezza”, hairdresser, cosmetic services, make-up;
Beauty salon “Natė, cosmetology services;
Panevėžys district 3rd notary office, legal services;
Individual Comany “Plieninė sklendė“, metal products, metal processing, production of metal parts, plumbing, plumbing, sewerage, heating system installation works, heating boiler installation, trade;
Profibus, sale, installation and maintenance of industrial robots, automation of technological processes, development of non-standard software, sale and maintenance of computers;
Reklamos ateitis, advertising services;
R. Maženis individual company, house design, construction, energy solutions for buildings, economical heating technologies;
Virtualus pasaulis, quality programming services;
Panevėžys Credit Union, financial services;
Kupiškis district municipality, provides high-quality administrative and public services to the residents of Kupiškis district;
Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors, non-governmental professional organization;
Lithuanian Electricity Association, unites electricity companies;

Panevėžys Region Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, nature protection;
Šiauliai Region Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, nature protection;
Panevėžys Regional Administrative Court, enforcement of justice in the country;
Panevėžys Regional Court, enforcement of justice in the country;
Panevėžys District Court, enforcement of justice in the country;
Panevėžys County State Tax Inspectorate, State Tax Administration;
Panevėžys County Chief Police Commissariat, ensuring compliance with laws and public order;
Panevėžys Art School, a specialized art educational institution;
Panevėžys Physical Culture and Sports Center, physical education and organization of sports events;
Panevėžys Region Association of Industrialists, an organization representing business interests seeking to promote business in the Panevėžys region;
Panevėžys city Marijonų st.31 and 31 A house owners’ association, administration, maintenance and repair of multi-apartment residential buildings, common use objects;
Panevėžys City Municipality, provides quality administrative and public services to Panevėžys residents;
Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, an organization representing business interests seeking to promote business in the Panevėžys region;
Panevėžys District Municipality, provides high-quality administrative and public services to Panevėžys residents;
Panevėžys District Municipality Public Health Bureau, taking care of the health of the municipality residents;
Panevėžys Social Services Center, provision of social services;
Panevėžys Education Center, qualification improvement institution;
Pasvalys district municipality, provides quality administrative and public services to the residents of Pasvalys district;
Rokiškis Culture Center, events, entertainment, organization, folklore ensemble, dance club;
Rokiškis district municipality, provides high-quality administrative and public services to the residents of Rokiškis district;
Rokiškis Rudolfas Lymanas Music School, early music education, choral, solo singing, concert groups, vocal, vocal ensembles, orchestras.
Adax, production, development and marketing of heating equipment;
Affidea Lietuva, medical equipment rental, operation;
Alinita, installation of internal engineering networks in a building of wide specialization;

Amilina, production of flour, starch, groats and other cereal products;
Anykščių energetinė statyba, installation of electric field networks;
Anšilas, hotel, catering, SPA services;
Apskaitos ir audito žinios, weekly for accountants, auditors, financiers, company managers;
Accounting and business services bureau, accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, business establishment and reorganization services, business plans, consulting, financial analysis;
Article, cafe, bar business;
Aukštaitijos vandenys, drinking water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, operation of water supply and wastewater networks and related equipment;
Aulaukis, windows, doors, facades from aluminum and plastic profiles, construction and renovation works;
Installation of automation systems, electrical and automation systems,
trade in electrical and automation goods;
AQ Wiring Systems, automotive cable harness and electromechanical systems engineering;
Biržų duona, production of bread products, logistics, commerce;
Biuro sistemos, computer sales, repair, IT services;
Biuro verslas, office equipment, equipment, conference equipment, stationery, computers, hardware and software – trade, haberdashery, copiers;
Cgates, smart digital TV and fiber optic internet;
CREATON LABS, information systems;
Dominari, furniture, bedding production, logistics;
Ekobūstas, frame house design, construction;
Eksitonas Business Solutions, development of solutions focused on organizational finance, resource information management, development of information systems;
Energetikos services and contracting organization, energy construction, installation,
maintenance services;
Eternit Baltik, production of roofing, facade panels, ceramic tiles, building panels;
Finansinių valdymo agentūra, financial services;
Fineta, accounting services, consultations, tax declaration;
G4S Lietuva, the world’s largest international security solutions group;
Indastrus, design, electrical installation works, installations;
Infociklas, computers, printers, copiers, multimedia, trade, service;
Interjerų vizija, trade in household goods, online trade;
IOKO Packaging, production of plastic containers;
Itakis, software package development, software diagnostics;
Jaukurai, plumbing, heating and engineering network equipment;
Jutrix, a metal processing company specializing in the production of high-quality stamped bent, deep-drawn parts;
Kalnapilio – Tauro grupė, production of beer and soft drinks;
Keltena, lifting equipment, elevators, installation, maintenance;
Computer classics, computers, hardware and software – trade, maintenance, repair;
Kriautė, frame house design, construction;
Launagis, metal processing with software control machines;
Lithuanian Automobile Road Directorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lithuanian road maintenance, financing, road development strategy;
Lits, sales of agricultural machinery, service;
Metalistas Lt, metal processing services for construction, industrial companies, furniture fittings;
Naftėnas, trade in oil products;
Narvija, sales and service of industrial equipment;
Oriksas, accounting and company registration services;
Pačiolio pekyba, providing practical information to company specialists working in the fields of accounting, law, management, economics, office administration, marketing, IT and other activities;

Panevėžio Aurida, production of car compressors, aluminum casting, metal forging, mechanical processing, rent of premises, production of non-standard parts;
Panevėžio autobusų parkas, passenger transportation by buses in the city, suburbs. Bus park. Bus rental, transportation of parcels;
Panevėžio energija, heat production and transmission, electricity production, bioenergy, operation of heat carriers;
Panevėžio miestprojektas, building design, construction maintenance construction project management, territory planning, consulting, construction quality control;
Panevėžys Region Waste Management Center, collection, recycling and disposal of municipal, household and industrial waste;
Panevėžio Rivilė, accounting software;
PKC Group Lithuania, automotive cable harness and electromechanical systems engineering;
Povydė, entertainment organization, trade;
Prorentus, engineering construction formwork, solutions, trade, rent;
Reklamossibility center, production of outdoor, outdoor and other advertising;
RIFAS, elektrotechniniai Sprendimai, Specializes in the field of energy, electrical engineering, industry, construction, shipping and oil production, production of renewable energy systems and IT solutions and services;
Sabilė pactum, work safety, accounting, personnel management, building maintenance, training, cafe;
Sanatorija Pušyno kelias, treatment and rehabilitation center;
Schmitz Cargobull Baltic, thermal insulation boards, holiday trailers, refrigerator semi-trailers, cold rooms;
Serpantinas, welding and cutting equipment, materials, accessories, air purification, ventilation and conditioning equipment, power and welding generators;
Statinių projektavimo biuras, preparation of detailed plans, design of buildings, organization of construction works;
Statybų totuma, construction of buildings, construction of engineering structures;
Stekas, accounting, software rental, installation, business accounting;
Stigma, production of plastic and rubber products;
Sveikatingumo centras „Tropikų saulė“, solariums, SPA center, cosmetology, massages, physiotherapy, physiotherapy;
Sveikatos centras Energetikas, rehabilitation clinic, organization of treatment, rehabilitation services, outpatient rehabilitation and conferences;
Right choice, accounting services and auditing;
TETAS, electrical equipment installation, maintenance and operation;
Only apskaita, provides accounting services;
Vekada, electrical installation, alarm system preparation, internal electrical works, installation of solar power plants;
Business code, accounting services, consultations;
VIA UNICA, UAB ETNO SPA, CENTER, wellness services;
Aukštaitija Narrow Gauge Railway, preservation of cultural heritage, organization of entertainment and leisure;
Public Institution Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, an outpatient health care institution providing medical rehabilitation services;
Center for Integrated Health Services, health care, social problems
solutions, improving the quality of life of customers;
Public Institution Youth Center, a social institution providing services to people with intellectual disabilities from 18 to 40 years of age;
Public Institution Basketball Club Lietkabelis, development of the basketball sport;
Public Institution Cultural Center Panevėžys Community Palace, organization of cultural events;
Public Institution Kupiškis District Education Support Service, regulation of health care, education, culture and other social services;
Lithuanian Society of Oral Hygienists, provides medical services;
5th Team of the Lithuanian Armed Forces National Defense Volunteer Forces Vytis District, development of patriotic self-awareness, strengthening of the relationship between the army and society;
Lithuanian Pupils’ Non-formal Education Center, initiation and participation in drafting legal acts, submission of proposals on innovations in non-formal children’s education policy;
Panevėžys Territorial Division of the State Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, control of the implementation of labor laws in the enterprises, institutions and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania;
National SPA Association, procedures performed in specially equipped premises for the improvement of physical and mental health;
Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital, health improvement services;
Public Institution Panevėžys Regional Probation Service, implementation of state policy in the Aukštaitija region;
Public Institution Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library, library services, organization of events;
Panevėžys County Fire and Rescue Board carries out firefighting, rescue works, prevention of emergencies in the county, ensures the implementation of legal measures;
Panevėžys County Tourism Information Center, information on tourism services and resources in Panevėžys region, excursions, souvenir trade, trips to foreign co

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