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We would like to inform that Lithuanian authorities have announced additional precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country from 16 to 30 March.

Quarantine set to be introduced at midnight on March 16, Monday to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Once the quarantine is in place, Lithuanian citizens, with some exceptions, will be banned from leaving the country, and foreigners will be banned from entering the country.

Important restrictions


1. If you are a foreign citizen planning to return to your home country during the quarantine, we strongly advise contacting your embassy immediately. Here’s a list of Lithuania-based embassies and consulates.

2. People must self-isolate for two weeks after returning from any foreign country.

3. More information can be found here  


Important note: Foreign nationals will be allowed to enter the territory of Lithuania until midnight, March 19 on condition they cross without indispensable stop.

You can follow the latest news in English about the situation in Lithuania on the LRT website at:

COVID-19 Hotline in Lithuania: 1808 (free of charge).

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