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About the family rights provisions in Lithuania for romanian students


The Lecturer Jurga Mažuknienė, of the Law study program of State Higher Educational Institution, has visited Ovidius university of Constanta,  in the ERASMUS+ program on 8-11th of May in 2023 in Romania.

In the Ovidius university of Constanta were presented the family rights provisions in Lithuania.

With conf Dr. Mădălină Botină and conf. Dr. Flavia Lucia Ghence discussed about legal system provisions of administrative law and family law, opportunities for cooperation in the development of research activities in legal science, preparation of scientific publications, purposeful orientation of research and student activities, conducting studies in the field of law.

Asistant prof. Dr. Anthony Murphy organised the meeting with students and the president Marius Gabriel Păun of „Elsa Constanta“ organisation  of studens to discuses about Family law provisions in Litkuania, and to take the tractive posibility to come to Lithuania and to Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Educational Institution.  Colleagues impression:

With Bianca Emilia Tănase, the asistant of ERASMUS+ office and prof. asistant, lecture Dr. Tănase Tasente the possibilities for the departure of students under the Erasmus+ program, the conditions  for the admission students of State Higher Educational Institution, the possibilities for developing scientific research activities and preparing scientific publications were discussed.

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