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Business Practical Training Company “Suvenyras”

The activities of a Practical Training Company are very close to a real business enterprise. It has four typical departments: personnel, purchasing, sales-marketing and financial-accounting. In PT companies, everything is real (financial documents, contracts, tax rates, work in accordance with the valid laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Government resolutions, real exchange rates, etc.). The only difference is that there are no real tangible goods (they only exist in documents) and the money is fake (again, they only exist in SimuLith’s bank records and PTC books of account).

PTC “Suvenyras” partners are not only Lithuanian practical training companies, but also companies from foreign countries: France, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Denmark. Theoretical knowledge of various subjects must be applied in the work of a practical training company: marketing, management, clerical work, foreign languages, informatics, mathematics, economics, financial accounting. Students are advised by Ana Samuilova.

Objectives of the company “Suvenyras”:

  1. To apply students’ theoretical knowledge in practical business;
  2. Develop and consolidate entrepreneurial skills;
  3. Trade in souvenirs.

PTC “Suvenyras” internship is performed by students majoring in business management, advertising management and accounting. 105 – 210 academic hours are allocated for practical training.

During the internship, students learn to work in a team, communicate and collaborate, solve problems, make decisions.

Laisvės sq. 23-131
LT-35200, Panevėžys

Potential employers: