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International Business (double degree)

Study mode and duration: full-time 3 years (for students enrolled in Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution) or 4 years (for students pursuing a double diploma).

Study programme is carried out: Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution, Faculty of Social Sciences

Degree and professional qualification: Professional Bachelor‘s Degree in Business Administration

Volume of study programme in credits: 180 ECTS (for students enrolled in Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution) or 240 ECTS credits (for students pursuing a double diploma).

Why choose this programme: study programme is to equip highly skilled professionals attaining the latest professional knowledge and being able work in the field of international business, solving problems of Lithuanian, foreign, international organizations in the light of changes in the international market multicultural and multilingual business environment.

I course II course III course IV course
General modules (subjects) of college studies
Professional foreign language;
Professional linguistic culture;
Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
Workplace safety and civil protection
Modules (subjects) of study field
Maths and statistics;
Innovative information technologies;
Micro and macro economics;
Fundamentals of finance;
International business law;
Marketing and supply chain management;
Business ethics and etiquette
Computerised accounting;
Investment and financing;
Human Resource Management;
International economic relations;
The art of negotiation;
Business economics;
Strategic management of organisations;
Market research
Lean Management;
Innovation Management;
Economics Integration and MNEs;
Marketing – Business Plan;
Intercultural Media Analysis;
Idea Generation and Assessment;
Intercultural Management & Psychology;
Future Management;
Managing Value;
International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution;
Social Media Marketing
Specializations / Alternative modules (subjects)
2nd foreign language (A2);
Intercultural Communication (A2)
An internship in a multinational company Entrepreneurship Education Internship;
Business traineeships abroad
Electives subjects set by the College
Bachelor thesis

*PD1 – freely chosen modules (subjects), established by order of the Director.


Opportunities for international study: By selecting the International Business Studies Programme, students will earn a double diploma, earning both the professional bachelor’s degree from Panevėžys College and the higher education diploma from Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany) during the same study period (4 years). They will finish the first and second years at Panevys College and the third year at Stralsund University (under the ERASMUS program). Course IV is devoted to practical instruction and the creation of the final thesis, which will be supervised by the professor team from Stralsund University.

Focus on practice: The program’s curriculum has been revised to reflect that of the 20-year-old International Management Studies in the Baltic Sea Region study program at Stralsund University. All International Business Studies courses will now be taught in English and will only focus on practical application. Under the ERASMUS student exchange program, students will have the chance to do a business internship at a foreign company as early as their second and fourth year. They will also be able to select between Lithuanian and German companies for their internship location.

Opportunities for employment: If you have graduated, you have access to every position in business administration! In addition to working as employees and specialists in import and export businesses, graduates of the International business program will be qualified to launch their own businesses on their own initiative, offer services to foreign business units operating within Lithuania, and work as foreign trade representatives, product managers, marketing specialists, trade coordinators, and business development specialists.


Potential employers: