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Economy Management and Supply Department

Department functions:

  1. To ensure proper operation of heat and electricity equipment and rational use of energy resources;
  2. To organize maintenance, protection and cleaning of Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution’s premises and buildings;
  3. Organize vehicle operation, maintenance and fuel accounting;
  4. Organize maintenance and safe operation of buildings, structures and equipment;
  5. To organize and perform repairs of premises and inventory and other auxiliary works, to take care of the good aesthetic condition of buildings and premises;
  6. To organize the elimination of emergency failures in the premises of Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution;
  7. To co-operate with other institutions, bodies and organizations on labour issues within the competence of the Department;
  8. Carry out public procurement in accordance with the competence of the department and prepare relevant tasks regarding the planned public procurement;
  9. To organize the acquisition of inventory and furniture of economic and technical goods and services intended to ensure the activities of the department in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts;
  10. To organize the raising of the state flag in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts;
  11. To organize and perform various non-permanent assignments according to the competence of the department.


Head of Economy Management and Supply Department, Electrical Engineer
Darius Grabauskas
Phone: +370 45 467721

Gintaras Skeiverys
Phone: +370 45 467721

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