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Study mode and duration: full-time (3 years), online (3 years)

Study programme is carried out: Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution, Faculty of Social Sciences

Degree and professional qualification: professional Bachelor  in Business Management

Volume of the study programme in credits: 180 ECTS credits.


Why choose this programme: Logistics Graduates will be able to work in companies that carry out transport, transportation, warehousing, product delivery operations, international business, international supply chain, logistics companies as well as develop their business and become successful entrepreneurs.

Upon completion of logistics studies at Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution, career development opportunities can be created, continuing education at universities, expanding knowledge in the field of logistics and obtaining a postgraduate higher education diploma. Most of subjects and modules thought at Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution are deductible in other higher education institutions, academic achievements are transferred to another higher education level, which significantly reduces the time of university studies and enables to develop career more rapidly.

First  year Second year Third year
I semester II semester III semester IV semester V semester VI semester
Foreign Language Foreign Language Environment and Human Safety Law (Civil Law) Warehouse, Technical and Raw Material Logistics Transport and Freight Logistics
Psychology Essentials of Enterpreneurship Law (Basic Law) Strategic Management of Logistics Organization Transport and  Freight Logistics   Market Research and Analysis
Mathematics and Statistics Management Accounting and Finance Management Warehouse, Technical and Raw Material Logistics Market Research and Analysis Modelling of Business Processes
Innovative Infomation Technologies Marketing and Distribution Economics of Logistics Companies/Project Management


Quality Management Specialty  Skills  Training Practice Graduation Practice
Business Communication and Business Negotiations Basic Logistics Entrepreneuship  Education Practice IC Practice of Logistic  Processes  International Logistics;

International Settlements;

Information Management A2

Graduation Thesis
Basic Economics Cognitive Practice in the Business Company Elective Subject ES1 Ecology;

Health and Hygiene;

Waste and Recycling Logistics A3

Secondary Foreign Language A1  Elective Subject ES2

Attention to practice:  cooperation agreements for practice with such companies as „Dominari“ UAB, „Palink“ UAB, „Amilina“ UAB,“Ioco Packaging“ UAB.

 Opportunities for international studies:  students of the study programme have the opportunity to study under the ERASMUS student exchange program.

Career opportunities: graduates will be able to work in Lithuanian and regional companies carrying out transport, transportation, warehousing and product delivery operations. It is also possible to continue studies at universities and deepen knowledge of logistics management.

Aim of the programme Logistics: to develop highly qualified logistics managers with the latest knowledge of logistic business  as well as practical skills and general abilities to organize logistics business, manage information, manage orders, manage the technological processes of warehousing and logistics.


Learning outcomes:

  • Students are able to evaluate the logistics business environment.
  • They are able to manage information.
  • They are able to manage orders.
  • They are able to manage product storage.
  • They are able to evaluate the performance of transport operations and the technology of the transportation process.
  • Ensure the quality of execution of the logistic product.

Potential employers: