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About College

Panevėžys College established by the resolution of the Government of Lithuanian Republic No.1376, August 30, 2002  “Due to establishment of State Kaunas Forestry and environmental engineering, Kaunas Technical, Klaipėda Business and Technology, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Vilnius Construction and Design, Vilnius Technical and Samogitia Colleges” (Žin., 2002, No.86-3703) joining Panevėžys higher Technical School, Panevėžys Andrius Domaševičius Higher Medical school and Rokiškis Higher Pedagogy School. By the resolution of the Minister of Education and Science of  Republic of Lithuania No. ISAK-1008, June 23, 2004 “Due to Panevėžys Conservatory reorganization” (Žin., 2004, No.107-4009) Panevėžys Conservatory Pedagogy Department joined to Panevėžys College.

On  22 October, 2010 following the Lithuanian Republic Government 6 October, 2010 resolution No.1429 “Due Panevėžys College reorganization”, (Žin., 2010, No.121-6177) changed the College legal form, in register of Legal entities of Lithuania College registered as public legal person acting as a public establishment. On 11 July, 2012 by the resolution of the Lithuanian Republic Government No. 857 (Žin., 2012, No.83-4380) new edition of College Statute (Annex 1) confirmed.  By the Academic Council resolution No.V4-10 new College management structure confirmed (Annex 2). College has 3 academic subdivisions: Faculty of Medicine and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Technologies and Rokiškis branch distant from Panevėžys in nearly 100 km. College has Departments, Centers and employees needed for study, applied science, social and cultural development, administration and economy activities implementation.

In 2012 October in the College studied 1995 students, 162 teachers employed (including working part-time under the second employment contract), including 103 teachers which work in the College as in the main workplace. In the Study and Education programmes register registered 27 accredited college study programmes in the social, technological, biomedical and art study areas. In 2012 by 10 events cycle commemorated decade of College activity.

College by the governmental right of the trust owns 15 buildings (3 of which in Rokiškis). Two dormitories – the twelve-story building in Panevėžys and two floors building in Rokiškis meet students’ needs.

College vision - modern, flexible, constantly learning, actively participating in the life of the Country,  invoking the democratic traditions and the quality management principles,  delivering opportunities for each member of the academic community for self-expression with regional, national and international recognition higher education institution.

College mission – prepare a professional bachelor’s degree obtaining and country’s needs meeting social, technological, biomedical sciences and art study field specialists, able to work in the knowledge society terms, implement lifelong learning principle, enabling conditions for continuous learning and personal abilities’ development, develop and sustain College infrastructure and staff competence on the international level.

In 2012 staff vote and elected, on 19 November General College community meeting approved the College values: responsibility, respect, honesty, fairness, sense of community and creativity. Since 2011 the College is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (Global Compact) Network, Implements Fair High School Declaration, signed between the Lithuanian Union of Student Representatives and the College Student Representation.

College Statute

College structure

Strategic plan


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