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Historical facts

1727 near the current buildings belonging to Panevėžio kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (Nepriklausomybės sq.) the Pijor monks built a church, a monastery and a school – Panevėžys College. At the time, it was serving as a high school (or high school).

1768-1773 Laurynas Gucevičius, a later famous Lithuanian architect and builder of the Vilnius Cathedral and the Town Hall and Verkiai Ensemble, studyed at Panevėžio kolegija / University of Applied Sciences.

1818-1824 General Stanislovas Kerbedis, a later well-known road and bridge construction engineer, studyed at Panevėžio kolegija / University of Applied Sciences.

1832 for 1831 The Piori Monastery and the school in Panevėžys are closed.

1840 A two-storey palace is being built in the garden of the former Pijor Monastery (now Klaipėdos st. 1). A school of nobility is transferred to it from Troškūnai.

1858 the nobility school is being reorganized into a gymnasium and the building is being overhauled.

1865 on the participation of teachers and students in 1863 the school is closed during the uprising.

1865-1872 a two-class county and elementary school operates in the former gymnasium building.

1872 The Panevėžys Teachers’ Seminary starts its activities in the same building.

1888 a new building is being built for the teachers’ seminary (now Klaipėdos str. 3).

1906-1908 Jonas Jablonskis teaches Lithuanian at the seminary.

1915 Teachers’ seminary is closed and part of the property is evacuated to Mstislav. It operated there under this name until 1918.

1921 Teachers’ seminary was re-established in the old seminary building on Klaipėdos str.3.

1936 The Lithuanian Teachers’ Seminary, which has prepared the most teachers for independent Lithuania, is being closed for the second time, and a school of crafts was established in its premises, which operated until World War II.

1944-1949 Klaipėdos str.3 has a Railway school No.2

1949-1951 Special Craft School is housed in the building.

1951-1960 Panevėžys Agricultural Mechanization School No.2 operates in the building.

1960 Panevėžys Polytechnic, which later became a Higher Technical School, started operating in the building.

2002 The old seminary buildings (Klaipėdos Str. 1 and Klaipėdos Str. 3) will be taken over by Panevėžio koelgija/State Higher Education Institution, which was established by merging Panevėžys Higher School of Technology, Panevėžys Andrius Domaševičius Higher School of Medicine and Rokiškis Higher School of Pedagogy.

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