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Non-formal education

We understand non-formal education as a purposeful educative activity, which helps a person to become a conscious personality, capable of solving problems responsibly and creatively, and being active in their community.

As provided in  Handbook for people working with youth groupsNon-formal education aims to:

  • Develop a conscious personality, which is able to responsibly and creatively solve own problems and the problems of community.
  • Develop a person’s ability to blend ideas with knowledge and skills and produce creative actions in the ever-changing environment;
  • Enhance access to holistic education for a greatest possible number of the educated through variety of methodologies, means and conveyors.

Republic of Lithuania Law on Education defines non formal education as – Education according to a variety of programmes geared to satisfy education needs, provide in-service training and acquire an additional competence, with the exception of formal education programmes.

Panevezys University of Applied sciences promotes non-formal adult education through various general and professional competence development programmes, courses and events. All of the courses are confirmed by Panevezys University of Applied Sciences Certificates.

We are open for international non-formal education programs and cooperation proposals. Non-formal education activities are coordinated by Department of Applied Science Research and Non-formal Education which is responsible for applied research development and non-formal education activities coordination.

Main functions of the Department are as follows:

  • Preparation of applied research and consultation activity strategies and programmes, coordination of implementation;
  • Coordination of Applied science activities in Academic Divisions;
  • National and international cooperation with various levels of institutions in applied research and non-formal education fields;
  • Planning, organization and control of non-formal adult education activities in the University.

For the international inquiries please contact:

Vytautas PALIUKAS,  Head Department of Applied Science Research and Non-formal Education, Laisvės sq. 23, Panevėžys, Lithuania, Mob. +370 6079 6146, E-mail:

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