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About us


Modern, socially responsible institution that promotes student entrepreneurship and supports sustainable and stable development as an institution of higher education and studies – the centre of applied sciences in the region.


To carry out higher education studies based on scientific knowledge and practical skills, providing students with modern competencies that have added value in the smart society. We focus the region’s potential on the implementation of the lifelong learning principles and the development of scientific applied activities.

Goals of activity


Quick facts:

There are 3 centres: Centre of Studies, Carrier and Students Occupation; Information Technology Centre and Practical Training Centre. There are general departments such as: Department of Applied Researches and Non-formal Education; Department of International Relations, Marketing and Projects; Economy Management and Welfare Department; Department of Human Resources and Documents Management; Department of Accountancy. The purpose of these departments is to ensure the optimal conditions to execute studies. Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution’s library provides good facilities and services such as: the online and silent reading rooms. Panevėžio kolegija/State Higher Education Institution’s structure is favourable for the study process and scientific applied activities, the functions among the departments are properly apportioned, the foreseen cooperation channels function as well.


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