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Information Technology Center

Center functions:

  1. Ensure unified IT management in the College;
  2. Ensure the functioning of the College’s information systems and implement the security policy;
  3. To organize technical support for computerized information service of the College’s lecturers and other employees;
  4. Ensure that the College uses computer data processing and electronic means of communication in local and global networks;
  5. To submit proposals according to the competencies to the management of the College regarding the improvement of information technologies and to organize the implementation of the submitted proposals;
  6. Perform technical administration and application functions for work and server maintenance;
  7. To organize the development of technical and software tools of the College’s information systems;
  8. Organize orders and installation of new application software packages;
  9. To plan and initiate public procurements related to the development of information technologies, to prepare technical specifications for these procurements;
  10. Advise the staff of the College on the use of computers, in accordance with the available resources and opportunities to raise the level of computer literacy of the staff of the College;
  11. Protect the confidential information of the College;
  12. To represent College in other institutions, establishments and organizations according to its competence;
  13. To perform other functions established by legal acts and assignments of the College’s management within the limits of the competencies assigned to the Center;
  14. Participate in the projects of updating and improving the College’s quality management system, contribute to their implementation;
  15. To provide information to the College’s community and the public about the Centre’s activities and results.

Head of IT Center
Edgaras Sriubas
Mobile: +370 684 722 57; +370 679 111 35

IT systems administrator
Darius Paipelis
Mobile: +370 626 498 33; +370 684 722 57

Computer Network Administrator
Daiva Paipelienė
Mobile: +370 699 53758; +370 684 722 57

Computer Network Administrator
Ramūnas Bajarūnas
Mobile: +370 684 722 57

Computer technician
Erlandas Šiaučiūnas
Mobile: +370 614 569 81; +370 684 722 57

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