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International Relations, Marketing and Projects Department

Department functions

  1. Collect and systematize information on the needs of college departments for the development of international cooperation;
  2. Seek opportunities to participate in various projects and programs in Lithuania and abroad;
  3. Inform the College community about the opportunities to participate in international programs / projects, to look for various foreign educational institutions to develop cooperation projects;
  4. Initiate the application process;
  5. Prepare applications and contracts for participation in international programs / projects, administer and control their implementation;
  6. Administer the Erasmus + KA1 student and staff mobility program;
  7. To organize meetings at the level of structural units of the College on project ideas and implementation possibilities, specifics of project preparation;
  8. Provide consulting assistance to project application preparation and project implementation working groups;
  9. To motivate the College community for active participation in international programs / projects, to help those going abroad for science and studies, to mediate in solving problems arising from the implementation of international activities;
  10. Collect and systematize information about the projects implemented in the College;
  11. To organize the presentation of all ongoing / completed projects to the College community;
  12. To organize the creation of a positive image of the College, to represent the College in exhibitions, fairs and similar events;
  13. To create and maintain the image of the College in the electronic space;
  14. Carry out information campaigns about the College’s study programs, admission conditions and career opportunities;
  15. To ensure constant cooperation with schools (gymnasiums, progymnasiums, vocational training centers and other educational institutions) and to organize vocational guidance for students, teachers and parents of students;
  16. Coordinate regular contacts with partners both in Lithuania and abroad and seek contractual relations with educational institutions and research centers, business associations;
  17. Coordinate the implementation of internal and external events of the College;
  18. Collect and systematize information about the College’s partners and, if necessary, search for new partners;
  19. Prepare an annual marketing plan, calculating the required resources, and initiate public procurement of services and goods;
  20. Develop an annual plan for “soft” projects and coordinate its implementation;
  21. Coordinate and control the development and implementation of strategic and annual business plans;
  22. Participate in the projects of updating and improving the College’s quality management system, contribute to their implementation;
  23. To provide information to the College community and the public about the activities of the Department and the achieved results.

Head of International Relations, Marketing and Projects Department
Laima Mikalajūnienė
Phone: +370 43 30 44
Mobile: +370 626 844 67

Marketing Project Manager
Viktorija Vidžiūnienė
Phone: +370 45 43 30 44
Mobile: +370 645 048 66

Coordinator of International Relations
Jovita Kaziukonytė
Mobile: +370 609 75 114

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